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Hi, our family also bought a male akita from Sycamore Hollow as well. We believe our Akita is from the same litter as yours - we bought him in March 2012 for the same price ($1200). He is soon to be 3 years old - his ears never came up, period. He tore his left ACL in June 2014 and just yesterday, tore his right ACL. He also has mild hip-dysplasia. We love our dog, but as EXTREMELY disappointed with these "breeders". We have called several times about the ears, but no call backs. People like these have no business breeding an animal like this. Shame on them! We have grown up with Akitas and know this breed very well. These people obviously do not care about the well being and the value of the Akita. If we wanted to buy a "puppy mill" Akita, we would have gone to the average Pet Store. These people are running a puppy mill - inbreeding! DO NOT BUY FROM CHRIS OR BRIAN. Again, we LOVE our Akita and have done everything we can to provide him with a safe and loving home.

If you would like to connect, please feel free to e-mail me at

Reason of review: All of the above: Poor customer service, damaged/defective, $1,200 + vet bills.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

Preferred solution: I want other potential buyers to be aware of Sycamore Hollow. I want Sycamore Hollow to be shut down by the AKC. .

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i purchased an akita in 2010....she is the best dog health issues...several months ago my girl was running the fence and tore her ccl .. in no way do i believe this is a generic issue...its was raining and she slipped.. when reading other complaints about ccl/acl issue i dont understand why they would blame the concern now is finding a place that does this surgery near me...cuyahoga falls oh


It is a horrible place. Filthy and the dogs run wild when they are lucky enough to get loose.

Live in cages in backyard and garage. Back yard breeders are the worse place to get dogs.

Always leads to $$ and horrible lives for the dogs. Needs to be shut down!!!


We too, bought a puppy from them in 2012. One ear never came up and, has that ACL problem in both back legs.

We have spent uber amounts one her. She is on meds forever and, needs monthly blood work.

Naturally she is our baby but, wish she was bred healthy and, not hurting for all her life. We spent 1,200 as well.

to Marcia Turkiewicz 123 #1436257

Can you email me? I am a rescue advocate attempting to have this breeder shut down. Thank you!


Had a Mastiff who had terrible stenosis and had to have major surgery at 9 months, we spent over $20,000 trying to help him, I was devastated to lose him just shy of his 6th birthday.

to Heartbroken forever #1436260

Can you email me? I am a rescue advocate attempting to have this breeder shut down. Thank you!


I have purchased 2 Akita's from this breeder! They are in perfect health!

Big boned and beautiful coats! They are veted regularly and my vet says they are 2 of the most beautiful and healthy Akita's he has gotten to know! There dispositions and temperaments are awesome!

We have owned 3 Akita's in the past 15 years and these pups surpassed my first by far! Any ?'S feel free to Email me @!


I personally know Chris and have seen her facilities and is by no means a puppy mill!! I also have one of her puppies.

He is 6 months old and healthy as a horse! He is weighing in at 74lbs. I will be the first to tell you that Chris loves her dogs as much as she loves her own children!

And I REFUSE to believe she just sat by and did nothing when she was allegedly contacted. If you need updated contact info please contact me at and I will provide you with updated info.

to Anonymous #1115127

Actually I dealt with the same thing with Chris and her lack of contacting me back. I recently had to have my 2 year old female spade because she came back from OFA certification with moderate hip dysplasia.

I think they run a fine facility but they have some bad genes in the pool which need to be weeded out in order to fix the hip issues and the ear issues their animals come with.

My female also never got to the point where her ears are up. Its unfortunate but I will love her tip the day she crosses the rainbow bridge.

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Sycamore Hollow kennel in Carey Ohio.


They sold me a puppy that was supposed to be in good health. Her ear will not go up and she is now 7 mos and they can care less.

They will not work with me what so ever and I spent 1200 dollars on her. I LOVE her and do not want another puppy, but they should refund some funds to fix her ear. They also sell Mastiffs. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE INBREEDING PEOPLE!!!!!

They only keep telling me her ear will go up and that is not happening. Sad world we live in w/ people like this who rip you off!!!

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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We have a beautiful akita bought from them in 2010...she was the last one of her litter. We only pd 500.00...she is perfect...we get so many compliments on how beautiful she is...never been illl or any other issue ...i am surprised at these post


Your really saying their in breeding just because an ear didnt come up. Thats absurd.

Obviously if you only spent $1200.00 it was for pet quality.....


We had the same issue as you. We purchased a male akita in March 2012 from Sycamore Hollow. Please feel free to connect with us to talk - email:

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